Is delivery available?

Yes, call for details

How do I get an account?

You can stop by Recycled Earth or email [email protected] and ask for a credit application.

What are the payments options?

Due to COVID, we are only accepting credit cards at this time. We can also accept TAP if you forgot your card at the time of purchase.

Can we dump even if we don’t have an account?

Yes you can! We are open to the public.

What color of mulch do you have?

We have Chocolate, Premium Chocolate, Red, Black and Natural.
All colored mulch is medium grind.

Our premium chocolate mulch is a darker color and goes through the grinding/ coloring chamber twice.

How do I figure out how many Cubic yards I will need for mulch?

You can use the following link to help you decide how much product you will need.

Length x Width x Desired Depth and divide by 27 for Cubic Yard
For example: If your area is 20 foot long and 10 foot wide you wish to have 4 inches of mulch your formula calculation would be: (20 x 10 x .33) /27= 2.44

So you would order 2.5 Cubic Yards